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The Prairie Grain Development Committee (PGDC), formerly known as the Prairie Registration Recommending Committee for Grain (PRRCG), is a forum for the exchange of information relevant to the development of improved cultivars of grain crops for the western Canadian prairies. The PGDC facilitates the annual meeting of the prairie grain recommending committees, as well as providing an opportunity for scientific discussion and communication of research priorities for the improvement of the prairie grain sector.

The four independent recommending committees are responsible for the testing, evaluation, and recommending of grain crop candidate cultivars for registration in the Canadian Wheat Board area of Western Canada:
  • Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye and Triticale (PRCWRT)
  • Prairie Recommending Committee for Oat and Barley (PRCOB)
  • Prairie Recommending Committee for Pulse & Special Crops (PRCPSC)
  • Prairie Recommending Committee for Oilseeds (PRCO)  
Upcoming PGDC Annual Meetings

2018 Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st Banff, The Banff Centre

Registration will begin in December 2017.
  • Early Registration Fee - $375
  • Registration Fee - $475
Single Room Rates at the Banff Centre:
  • Standard Room: $120/night
  • Superior Room: $140/night
  • Facility Fee: $15/day
2019 Feb. 26th - Feb. 28th Saskatoon, Delta Bessborough
2020 Feb. 25th - Feb. 27th Winnipeg, Delta Winnipeg